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Monday, November 3, 2008

"Uang Panas"

Well.. My blog was visited by Mas Haryo..
he promoted about " how to earn much money in cyber "
I thought that's must be MLM company.. and I was not interested of it at that time..
coz.. MLM hurt me (hehehe..up line - down line)

Hmm.. but I didn't know why.. my suckin' brain was anxious to click that blog..and read it" ..Finally

Yea.. finally I decided to sign up on this blog.. and be a member (free member) of his newsletter.. But still don't know "what should I do.." I am not really good in I know.. that "online marketer" need to be fluency in English..and have to be online all time.. (I don't have internet connection even.. PC at my boarder house)

But.. I didn't know.. why my fingers love the keyboards so much.. she could not stay away from the keyboard.. and kept writing.. browsing.. and signing up..Yea.. I am here.. to be her free member.. and I want to be like others success members..

The key that I get from him is "Learn and Keep Learning.." then "Make it Out"
Well I think.. I am crush on "Him" (On Line Business).. Do you know.. I ever been offered by other person about On Line Business it's about 2 years ago.. but it was so expensive enrollment.. and I doubted it..

Now.. I don't know.. how Mas Haryo hypnotize me to follow him.. hahahha...
I am anxious to learn about it.. well I think all of you must to visit this blog
and learn together with me.. :-P
Wish I am success
Thanks Mas Haryo!!

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