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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Make My World So Colorful

morning sun shines in our room
now that gloom will back in two
automn start just ‘day with a smile and last on my beautful love one
whose lying besides me

you’re so far away in your sleep
who can tell what dream you may dream
you dont know that i was drawing with my finger on your sweet young face.
makes a meaning words

Reff :
you make my world so colorful … I’ve
never had it to good
my love, I.. thank you for all the love u gave… to me… (2x)

like a summer rises up
like a grow you bring me near
and i kiss ur lips so sweet
soft like a rain and
gentle like a morning dew in may

though they said that i was wrong
but thx god my will so strong..
I got you in the palm of my hand
baby they try to put me on
but I let they become (?! this part is scrambled?!)
surprised to heard that I love .. ?

back to reff*

That song..
remind me to someone that I adore him much
someone that I could not be with
someone that I never touch
but always in my heart

it was two years ago
every time I am listening All Daniel Sahuleka's song..
it always remind me of him and all his kindness

we are not a lover, we are friend.. good friend
I thought that I can forget him..
but .. frankly I can not
He is as my big brother.. I always call him "ELANG GUNUNG"

He is nice man.. smart.. charm.. lovely friend
He always support me to be the way I am
He strengthen me while I was in my deep... deep.. blue
He cheer up my day
He always called me as "Eidelweis"

Even ...
I lost him
but as I know..

"People come and go into my live
But you stay in my heart "

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