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Saturday, February 5, 2011

To All the Student I love (Love Letter)

To All the Student I love (Love Letter)

Dear my marvelous students,

This morning I stand in front all of you just like usual, but maybe it will be the last tremendous time for me to have wonderful and joyful moment with all of you in sharing anything we have in this class room

In the first time I stand here, it was unforgetable moment for me.. on and on.. I was so nervous to present English at that time. You know what was going on in my head dear ..? “O my God… they are student of university… am I deserve to teach them…. ? Yea… I am not English lecturer even more I was not graduate from English or Lecture Faculty… but I am food technologist who speak English little bit…

Fffiuuhh.. in the first week I never slept well…. Everynight a day before the class began.. I always studied harder than you did, because I was afraid I gave you nothing…. And what a lucky me.. I got great team (Mr. Aulia, Mrs. Yatie, Mr. Ardi, Mr. Budi, Mr. Kurniawan, Mr. Daus) who always supported and shared me everything about “HEALTHCARE ENGLIS” in this Healthcare English Learning Programs (HELP) that was new for me

And I am so lucky to be one of your facilitator.. thanks God, He granted me valuable time to know, share and love you all guys.. it was great… great… great time… I love it much…! I got a lot of knowledges from you, I learned anything with you, I shared everything with you and..

You cheer me up day by day..

You made me know how to give mutual communication

You erased my blue when I heard you try to read the text carefully

You graved me smile and laugh when you mispronounced the words

You taught me how to emphatize

You showed me that everyone have their own unique character

You drove me that every student have their different talent

You described me how hard you try to speak english

You drawn me on your humble face what you feel and what you think

You sparked me passion from your passionate eyes

and You inspired me to be what should human do for their live


Life is struggle and life is a choice.. and every moment in your life is a miracle

To be food technologist, to be nurse, to be midwife, to be secretary, to be lecturer, to be facilitator

Or to be someone great in this world is only a choice


To be part of this universe is a grace and to be part of your class is a great miracle for me especially


I am not the one of your facilitator but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you anymore

Even I will never stand in front of your class again.. remember that I will always stand in your mind wrapped in our sweetest memmories

I beg your pardon if I ever hurt you

I appologize of any mistakes I ever did to all of you

and I am so sorry that I was late attending your clas.. made you waiting for me

Last but not least..

I just wanna say…

Draw your dreams longer than your own life

Write your achievements wider than universe

Hang your wishes higher than the stardust

Catch your future even out of universe

Fly your passion up till the 7th sky

Blow your imagination around the world

Rock your life

Whisper your hope in every pray you say

and… Believe in Allah.. He will drive your dream come true.. Insya Allah

Finally.. to all my lovely students

Frankly… Truly… Really I do love you…. And hate to say good bye.. but the show must go on

I will never be Ms. Ericka… without you guys..

Just remind me by saying

English is easy… I swear I can do it… and Let Speak it Out..!!!”

With Love



  1. waduh...bahasa inggris..
    mesti buru2 ambil Google Translate...hehe

    salut utk usahanya..ternyata jadi pengajar bahasa inggris ya...

    gimana dengan bisnisnya? masih jalan?

  2. hehehe... Bang Budi..
    itu udah lama.. cuma baru aku pos di blog ini..
    sempet sih melanglang menjadi pengajar.. tapi sekarang kembali ke habitat di EXIM dan tetep berusaha menjadi entrepreneur..

    Salam suksess ya Bang


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