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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Light of The Soul

The Light of the Soul

O Allah
The Soul where I belong to
I am thirsty of Your Love
Please drop me your kindness Love from this Man

O Allah
The Step where I go to
I am tired to have this journey by myself
Please let this lovely Man accompany me till the end of Your path

O Allah
The words where I pray to
You already grant me everything in this world
Please grace my whole life by granting me this Man and Your Janna

O Allah
The One I worshiping to
I want to be one of good Muslim and be faithful on your Ad Dien
Please let me fulfill my half Dien by marry this Man

O Allah
The place where I run to
No one can help me except You
Please raise me up by let me standing beside this Man

O Allah
The light of my life
Sometimes I see the brightness and the darkness on my way
Please let this Man to be my Imam of my way and lead me to Your Noor

O Allah
Where the Universe and sky belong to You
You create everything in couplet
Please let this Man to be my couple in this world and Janna

O Allah
The owner of all answers in every question
I believe in You, that You never let me down
Insyallah You will give me the best way of us

O Allah
Just want let you know
I love him because of Your Love

Inspired by Maher Zain Song “InsyaAllah” Ft. Padi
By Chittanesia 2011 special for Eagle of The Red Sea

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