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Friday, September 2, 2011

My Selangor Cozy Frenzy!

My Selangor Cozy  Frenzy!

Me.. Ericka

Stop to read my post and never choose me, as one of your finalis! or you will regret for whole life, ‘coz you will never meet me.. The only one Cozy Frenzy Erickaregy in this world.. ;-).

Well let me introduce my self, my name is Erick Reagan Margayudha Irana Akbar.. what a long name but people call me as Ericka, but.. my screen name is Erickaregy Abdullah :D. And I don’t want to say that I am ordinary young lady, I am special just like my parent said since I was born, 30 years ago..  yea special young lady J

I am export import secretary as my side job, and my main job is entrepreneur and backpacker :D.  So some people will ask me, how come do you manage your time? As you know office hour almost kill me by keeping me sit behind the desk. Frankly I am a busy person with multitask jobs :p, And almost do not have time to go everywhere, but I have big big big passion for travelling that make me own 27 hour in a day hehe.. so let’s  have fun and go travell!

Yep, joining this competition is not my choice but my passion to see one of the amazing beautiful place.. Selangor Malaysia. Maybe I can’t make good video, or my shot is not as good as Peter Sanders ;) but God granted me beautiful blinking eyes, and sweet lips complete with tounge to speak it out – on line or on written – about what I see, heard and feel to all people in the world.

This is me.. Cozy Frenzy Erickaregy, who will spread the spirit, talk more and do more, and share the passion of travelling ;-) especially about amazing beautiful place Selangor Malaysia. By joining this competition, I hope I can do something, even only a little spot, for not only me, but all people who will make a great journey. I will not say.. Oh you have to come to Selangor.. bla bla bla.. but they will decide by themselves because they know this is true and right place to be visited! People will choose by themselves because they want to have the joy, fun, and happiness of Selangor then they will say.. “Ohh Great Cozy Frenzy Selangorrrr...!!!”
Then quote from this site mentioned “Selangor is a colourful state, housing a variety of history and modern cultures and practices. A place that reflects the Malaysians as one, and a true standing testimony of time that racial harmony is indeed possible. It is also a place where most Malaysians from all over the country flock to, in search for a better futureI don’t want to agree this quote directly, before I see by my own eyes. So I want to proof it!

Well, what do you think about me now? Do you still think that I am not good enough to be one of your finalis in this competition ? Ok just like I said before.. Never choose me :-p.. Thank You. and special thank you to my friend Alid who introduce me to this competition ;)


  1. thanks for your visit and nice comment :)

  2. Hai...salam kenalll...
    Sukses ya buat blog competitionnya :)

  3. Terima kasih Ester, senang sekali nih sudah berkunjung :D

  4. thanks livya.. hehe semoga bisa ketemu ya gudlak

  5. fotonya bagus banget deh....... di mana tuh lokasinya....?

  6. siip banget dehh fotonya....layakk dipilih broo.....

  7. semoga sukses tuk kompetisinya .....

  8. Terima kasih untuk komentarnya
    Iftah.. fotonya macem2 mulai bentar probolinggo, jogja sampe ke Bali :)

    Novia terima kasih ya apresiasinya.. :)

    Aan, amiiinnn thanks yaa doanya

  9. aduuuuh gak kuat liat model luna maya di videonya hahahaha.... gudlak aja mboooookkk.... aye doain dahh semoga kepilih ^____^

  10. hehehe,.. Alidd pliss dech.... Naomi chambel gitu hahaha

  11. salam so nice can i go with you next time please?

  12. hai hai sandy... wahh lebih hebat kamu lahh.. udah melanglang kemana2.. hehehe thanks ya udah mampir ;)

  13. @admin: yoi sama2... :D
    Kok ga komen di blogku sih ...

  14. Hei hooo mba...what a brave profile description, i like it a lot

  15. hai hai uda.. thanks udah mampir kesini :) berkunjung ah.. ada tulisan baru :))


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