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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Through the fire


Just finished all the schedules on My Selangor Story, then extend my stay for one more night at Kuala Lumpur, no certain way to go for hanging around, just enjoy my own self among million people finding the answer of all question I have in this early year.. 2013

Then I decided to go to KL central, as I went to go to Sungai Wang Plaza for interesting resto, but unfortunately it’s not halal food.. On my way to KL Central by LRT.. just talking to my self, and thinking of what I got.. I think I need to write on my blog, warming my mood up… after the joy of traveling on My Selangor Story

I go the book store on the second floor of KL central, where I can find internet café, and start to write! I choose Bubu & Giri from youtube channel … “through the fire” .. inspiring me of what I have inside.. and let all the words flow through my fingers.. picking every single alphabets arranging the story.

January 2013 seems so friendly on me, and I hope the next months will be more friendly and fruitful! I got a lot of happiness in this January, as I have just celebrated my blast day.. last 11 January, then I got mail from #MySelangorStory that I m the one of participant join them for the trip.. moreover I got some of orders on my On line shop.. mimAmia.  I thank God for this blessed month

Well just flying back to the previous months I had.. re-open all my stories in 2012, reflections .. evaluation, introspection.. open every single folders of life I had.. ticking the questions and plans of what I had, and just give bold marks on some questions I have no answer. I see through my window.. the landscape of busy city KL.. meet people.. see everything I passed, then try to connect what I saw with all the questions which have not been answered yet

I really enjoy my trip, become a big girl in a big world, no one knows me.. no one cares about me, just become part of them.. part of the system on this universe, I am just a lil tiny dot in big big big dot of this universe, wondering that God still keep on eye of me, grant me great pleasure even on my blue mood.

Now I can understand, why God didn’t give what I wanted … gave me what I didn’t want, when I turned back all memories .. there were anger, happy, sad, laugh, sweet, sour, bitter blend at one on my life.. but trying to be honest .. the happiness was 99% than the sadness I got.. even seemed so worst at that time.. but it just the small thorn pinned on your hand, need to picked it out only.. then all is well!

God has just shown me what the beautiful life He plans for me..! I never regret my life, I am happy become single, I am okay even I failed my wedding plan on last December, I believe there will be better man for me .. for sure! I love my own life and happy of it.. I have a lot of chances that someone else might be not have it..

It was like inside of the hell.. burnt me out become a ruin.. dust .. crashed me into a piece, then I tried to let my self enjoyed the fire, feel the warm deep inside .. melt at one like molten iron and let the air make it solid and stronger. Here I am .. in my new 2013 ready for new life!

Through the fire.. to the limit

To the limit, to the wall

For a chance to win my life

I’d gladly risk it all


Through the fire..

Through whatever… come what may

For a chance to great adventures

I’d take it all the way

Right down to the wire

Even through the fire

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