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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Visiting Ijen and Bad Experience with Hotel Baru Bondowoso

Just wanna share you this bad experience that I got this evening. Bondowoso is my hometown, but I live in Surabaya since 8 years ago, now I am home for Eid celebration

Well, this evening I had one friend from Philippine who would visit Bondowoso for Eid Celbration and Ijen. He came with other guys from Canada and Holland who will also visit Ijen especially for Blue flame.

Then, I met them in Hotel Baru, as they had just arrived, and got this Hotel from lonely planet, previous group of them who visited Bondowoso. My friend said no one speak English properly, they know less. 

The officer misinterpreted what this guys told her, She thought  that they want to book the car to go to Ijen, but the fact they had not decided yet, only asking the info. then I came, met up in the hotel's cafe, we had nice conversation and dinner.

then suddenly the officer came to me, asked me with some "interrogation" questions like who are you, where are you from, are you tour guide. I said I am his friend, then she told me that they already book the car, and the car will come in few minute

I asked my friend and the guys, they told me, the DID NOT book or deal with no one about Ijen. they only asking, I said to the officer, that you might misunderstood, because we DID NOT Book. then she started to blame me

She left us, then the other guy, seem the car owner (illegal tour agent) came to us, then He and his wife, suddenly talked to me in "bit high tone", interrogated me again, and started to speak loudly, blamed me, he thought that I grabbed his tourist

He said to me like mafia .. "This is my area, so you are not allowed to take any tourist from this hotel.." Ouggghhh I was trying to explain, but they speak louder and rude. I said to him.. just talked to that guys, if they wanna go with you ... go ahead

He offer 400k Rupiah to go to Ijen. then make it lower as 300k, still speak in anger. 
It was nightmare for me, the man talked so rude, and seem wanted to slap me, he said I mess up his trip, then when I came out the cafe, the lady push me off, and curse us..

She curse us.. "hope you got accident" then the man proudly said.. I will not allowed you to come to Ijen, I will call the gate man of Arabica coffee plantation to close the gate for you.. Erggghhh they are sooo annoying.

then we decided to leave the hotel, I took my friend and that guys to my home, and call Bosamba travel agent, the licensed agent in Bondowoso who provide Ijen trip. 
they charged IDR 250k per person, they took my friend and that guys from Bondowoso to Ijen, then Ketapang Banyuwangi for ferry to Bali, they provide 1 tour guide who speaks English, The price include entrance ticket to Ijen, and breakfast.

So guys.. if you want to visit Ijen, you may go by public transportation for cheaper price, but you need to go in the morning till midday (before 4pm). And if you visit Ijen in special occasion like in this near Eid Celbration, you better take tour agent for better transportation.

You may contact recommended agent, anf if you have no idea, you can contact Bosamba Tour Agent, in front of Palm Hotel Bondowoso, if you want to see blue fire better you contact in advance, because the trip will start at 11pm from Bondowoso.

here the FB link for Bosamba tour agent 


  1. Eyyy what a bad experience in on your own hometown, haishhhh,,,

  2. What an annoying experience. Yeah, it's hard to talk with peoples who use anger than their brain. Their just made a bad image for their hotel. Unprofessional!


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