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Sunday, May 22, 2011

When I Found YOu

When I found You
I have enjoyed my travel to Lombok and Bali Island, and it was sooooo amazing unforgettable trip I ever have. I enjoyed that time much and much.
I was on my bad moment, just like I lose myself on me. I was in terrible time that I can handle myself, and no one can advice me at that time. The one I want to do is talk with God directly, without any disturbances and influences. I want to meet myself, want to see how looks like I am, want to know what the main idea of me. No one can help me at this time. I need, me and myself to heal everything
On my trip, I entertained my heart, I felt the breath of God, I see the colours of God clearly in every step I made. I feel God is soooo close to me, I sailed on His deep blue sea, I got the energy of life. I breathe deeply on every air I pass, I smell the holy of Love inside.
I want to find Him as my way, because I know Him, He doesn’t think about how looks like I am, but He love the way I get closer and closer to Him. Then I whispered on my soul... I am with You.. and I know You will never leave me. I am the only little spot that will be vanished in Your hand, just like You blow the beautiful sand beside Your sea. I feel Your mercy, Your Love, Your Grace, and Your Power. I cannot do anything without You.
When I lay down on your sand, I see Your Beauty on the warm light of Your Great Lantern, when You start to switch it off, and cover me with Your smooth night and blinking stars. I feel so peaceful at that time, You hold my soul, You warm my heart from the mess I got. I read every ayah You wrote in Your great universe.
God, I am not the great knight that help people every time, I don’t share all my time to do something useful for your world, I don’t donate my money for many charity, I don’t teach everyone to follow on Your path, and I am not the best one for this way, even I am not the first who enter Your Heaven someday, I am nothing
But God, I believe You know what I have done, and I want only You and me know about this. Let they say anything about me... I just believe in You!

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