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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

-Fake- Food Technologist!

I am not joking with this title.. Yes I am food technologist, as I studied about Food and Agriculture Processing, at Agriculture Technology Jember University for almost 4 years.. I passed the grade that’s true! He he he

Why I call my self as “fake” Food Technologist? Yes because I am Food Technologist but I am not sure of this title :p am I deserve to put on my title box, I used to work in Food Processing Company, and I think I am not comfort with that job! I don’t say that I hate Food Tech. Job, but for me it’s too bored to sit with

So if you ask me, why did I choose that department for my degree.. ha ha ha I have no idea to explain then, let gone by gone but I do love and thankful I studied about Food Processing, even it’s not connected to my job at the moment, but at least I got great knowledge that useful for my life.

And this morning, I am so excited of what I have, this remind me of all memories about Food Tech. Faculty. Couple of days ago, I got message via facebook from my friend, Akhmad Munir, we were class mate at university, with Dono Febriono, we were known as “businessman/woman” as we sold everything can be sold at that time to earn more money for our study :D

Okey.. then as you know I am working as secretary in export import company as my side job :p he he he, and my main job is Islamic entrepreneur .. my main business at the moment is mimAmia, the hijab kingdom, I produce hijab especially inner ninja. Then my dear friend Akhmad Munir, wanted me to produce special inner ninja for their worker in his company – food processing company – to increase the quality and applying the Standard Operational Procedure of Worker Uniform.

Weeeww.. I am so happy of this project, I used to work in Shrimp Processing Company in Gresik, and I knew the SOP, it’s quite strict standard, especially when they export their product to Japan and Europe. When I was Quality Control officer in shrimp company, I heard that the next door company was in big loss, because one of 20 containers exported to Europe was containing 1 strand of hair in one block of shrimp cube. Then the buyer reject all containers, re-export to Indonesia! See!!!

That’s why I was worry of this project, as this will be my first project, supplying the head cap for Shrimp Company. Seems it easy to make, but remember the design must be fit to cover all head to neck area, and hairless!! My friend explained me that the worker must wore 3 pieces of head cover, 1. Hair nett, 2. Head Cap (my ninja) and 3. Hat

Head Cap Design
Fhiuhshsh.. it was hard dealing with him hehehe.. because I use high quality material with good price, but he wanted best price.. Okay Sir.. here we go. Actually this the crazy order I’ve ever got, do you know what.. He ordered me on Saturday, for 100pcs head cap, and must be ready in Monday evening.. because on Tuesday, he will welcoming guest from Japan, who want to visit and check the standard / quality of his company

Mean that I need to work faster than usual, only 2 days for 100 pieces head cap, and we didn’t know how the real design was.. we only got picture via e-mail, then I printed it…sent to my team.. I did not know the process, just directed them via my mobile phone, and supported them to work carefully, as this would be the first project, I hope zero mistakes!

Finally the day came! We could not finish 100 pieces, as I miscalculated the quantity of cloths should be bought. We could only make 85 pieces of head cap, fortunately he needed less than 50 pieces for the first plan.. I promised him to produce the rest as soonest.

If there are so many people happy in the world this morning, I am one the most happiest person in this world .. this morning! My friend messaged me through blackberry messenger.. and showed me the head cap worn by his worker! BIG WOW! I surprised and really really excited of this project! I really proud of my team! You are rocks!!

Coooll we made it! The product we made satisfied them.. fit to their needed!

Great business is not only about seeking big  profit.. but satisfying your customers needs is something profitable and priceless


  1. Mampir ajah ah, gak ngerti tulisannya apa hahaha :p

  2. eh sini pabrikmu kalau mau order topi, masker, head cap, dll pesen ke aku aja :D hahah
    thank you for sambang sambang ya cyin


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